Solar Panel Details



Open Circuit Voltages (VOC) in Volts 10.00
Short Circuit Current ( Isc ) in Amps 0.61
Voltage at Maximum ( VMP ) in Volts 8.80
Current at Maximum Power ( Imp ) in Amps 0.57
Maximum System Voltage 600V
Solar cells per module 18
Length x Width x Thickness 290 x 185 x 0.8 (MM)
10 x7.3 x 0.8 (Inches)
Weight 0.85 kg.
Charging Wire with D C connector. 10 ft.

Battery & Battery box details

Battery Type & Model

18650 Made from Grade A material

Power out put 3.7 V / 2200 mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Protection Circuit Over charge/ under charge / sort circuit
Battery connection. Easy to snap and remove Molex 5264 Male on PCB/ Female on the battery out-put
Battery Case details On/off switch, charging indication Led, D C pin for dual charging.
Charging Details Electrical A.C adapter of 5.1V or 5W Solar panel
Out-put Plug in D C connection to cook stove.

5.1V Electrical Adapter

In Put Power

100 – 250 V

Out Put D C POWER 5.1V
Code Lenght 9 to 10 FT
Connection D C PIN 2.1*5.5