• Do I need any training to use the Eco-Chula?

    No, It is very simple to use. Anybody of any age can cook with Eco-Chula.
  • Can I cook with the same fuel like wood and agriculture waste?

    Yes, You will be using same fuel that you are using in your mud chula or three stone fire.
  • Will it cook with cow dung?

    Yes, it will cook with cow-dung without producing much smoke.
  • Will the same stove work with pellets, briquettes or coal?

    Yes, same cook stove will cook with pellets, briquettes or coal. You will have to make briquettes small size about 1 ½ inches.
  • Can I use un- burnt fuel and coal again?

    Yes you can, as long as it is dry again.
  • Why I don’t have to blow chula to get fire started?

    Design of Eco-Chula supplies need oxygen to get fire started by small fan that blows correct amount of air to get fire started. This feature makes it self- starter.
  • Can I add more fuel during cooking?

    Yes, Your cooking pot is resting on metal stand. You can pull out and add more fuel for extended cooking whenever you want to.
  • Can I control flame and heat out-put?

    Yes, you can control heat and flame by increasing and decreasing fan speed by moving control knob up or down.
  • How can it save me cooking time?

    Eco-Chula produces much hotter flame than regular chula. This sends more constant energy to the cooking pot which speeds up the cooking time.
  • How does it save 65-70% wood fuel?

    Eco-Chula works on principal of gasification. First energy from Wood is harvested by combustion, followed by harvesting energy from all volatiles and smoke before it is realized in the atmosphere.
  • Has any third party collected any data to prove this saving in fuel?

    • It was done by USAID in Bangladesh (See Testimonials Section)
    • Impact of Household Energy by Winrock and others. (See Testimonials)
  • Did you do any field trial on it?

    We did the field trial on about 500 stoves with Sewa. All the suggestion and request on the design and parts change from the users have been incorporated into new model.