How It Works

Alpha Eco-Chula works on the principal of Gasification. With the thermo-chemical processes such as pyrolysis, combustion and reduction, Eco-Chula produces wood gas from the biomass. This gasification technology it is able to achieve very high efficiency with very low emissions from this updraft / downdraft gasification cook stove.

Gas for the stove is generated using the updraft/ downdraft gasification principle. Air is drawn through a bed of burning wood which consumes volatiles. As this volatiles passes through the flaming charcoal it is reduced to a low energy fuel gas containing primarily CO, H2, CO2, H2O and CH4. The charcoal then further reduces the CO2 and H2O combustion products back to CO and H2 fuel, giving Eco-Chula maximum flame temperature.

Our Air-wick supplies needed oxygen to the fire and direct most of the smoke and gases produced from burning the wood into the hot flame of the fire allowing them to burn. These two processes combine together gives complete combustion of the biomass, at the same time eliminates polluting by products producing clean efficient smoke free burning from a small amount of fuel.

As our stove operates on clean combustion of wood with consistent heat output on gasification principles it has a blue flame with very little emissions. While most wood stoves burn stick wood, the wood gas stove can work on any reasonably dense biomass, such as sticks, twigs, woodchips, wood waste, cow dung, pellets or coal.

Eco-Chula has many advantages, listed are few of many.

  1. More than 90% reduction in indoor air pollution. Converts all the volatiles, carbon smoke into useful energy to cooking pot.
  2. Protect and promote cleaner environment , better health for women and children
  3. Self starter – no more blowing air and breathing smoke to start a fire
  4. Reducing firewood consumption 65- 70%. Will save trees and promote forestation plus huge saving in fuels.
  5. High thermal Efficiency
  6. Cleaner air quality and better environment
  7. Saves time spent on cooking and collecting firewood
  8. Takes drudgery out of cooking. Cooking becomes easier thus improving quality of life for rural households
  9. Portable, easy to move around.
  10. No installation needed. Ready to cook