Impacts of Household Energy Programs.

A Study on impact of Household Energy Programs was done by United State Environmental Protection Agency supported by Aprovecho lab, , Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, Winrock International, Wana Energy Solution, SEWA and GIZ in India, Uganda and Benin.

Alpha Eco-Chula was selected for study in India. Wana Energy LPG canisters in Uganda and Éclair charcoal stove in Benin.

A 4 days Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) in 117 homes was done in India. Study proved Eco-Chula use 61% less wood and saves 4.41 +/- 4.25 minutes per person per task in time. It saves significant fuel in cooking bread (Rote and Rota) and vegetables which is staple food for rural India.

Impacts of Household Energy Programs.

Basundi of 5 lit milk with the help of smoke less chula take 1hr 12 minutes 7 seconds. Where same preparation is taking with Natural Gas 2 hr. 30 minutes.

-Dr. Dinesh Patel Vadodra

Article by "Mr.Ashok Kumar Nema" Manager , MP Agro.

Printed in "Dainik Bhaskar"

Eco-Chula demonstration by "MP Agro"

New is Patrika

Live Test report of Eco-Chula XXXL model in MP duly signed by all present.

The Result are very good and clearly mentions saving of lot of wood. Read more...