Eco-Chula XL


Product Description (XL)

  • Cooks for : 3-5 people
  • Weight (with Stand) : 4.3 kg (9.7 lbs)
  • Dimensions (with Stand) : Height 32.2 cm (12.7 in) x Width 23.5 cm (9.25 in)
  • Thermal Output : 5,100 BTU (low) x 12,000 BTU (high)
  • Fuel : Wood sticks, pellets, sticks, cow-dung, or other biomasses
  • Fuel Rate* : 0.73 kg/hr (1.6 lb/hr)
  • Boil Time* : Approx. 12-15 minutes (4 liters of water)
  • Battery Life: 11 Hours (rechargeable Lithium-Ion; 110V, 240V)
  • Burn Time** : Approx. 20 min for wood ; 40-45 for wood pellets; continuously add for longer burning time.

*Boil Time and Fuel Rate will vary based on temperature levels
**Burn Time will vary based on type of biomass used
No Need for Petroleum or Propane Gas! Our Eco-Chula cooks your meal with just wood sticks, twigs, wood pellets, and even cow dung. This eliminates the need for heavy, expensive, and polluting petroleum or propane gas. The DC Motor fan at the base will eliminate the need to blow air to start the fire. Start the Eco- Chula with practically no effort. Easy to use, easy to light, and fast to boil.
Cooking is Clean and Efficient! The unique gasification process lets our Eco-Chula cook with 70% less wood compared to the Stationary Chula. Eco-Chula is also extremely efficient, as it reduces 90% of the indoor pollution and smoke compared to the traditional style Chula. More Energy, Less Pollution, Quick and Efficient Cooking Time.
Light Weight, Durable, and Eco Friendly! Using High-Gauge Stainless Steel, our Chula will last a long time and give you the flexibility to move it around wherever you like. Adding more biomass fuel is easier due to its light weight. Less wood usage means less waste. You can even use the burnt biomass for later use, as the Chula turns it into Charcoal. No assembly required. Add wood, start fire, and start cooking.
Optional Battery Pack Available! Don’t have access to electricity in your cooking area? No Problem! With the optional rechargeable battery pack, you can cook up to 11 hours with a fully charged battery. Just charge the battery when not cooking, and use it later to cook anywhere inside and outside of your home and kitchen. Take it on your next Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, or any outdoor excursion trip!